Welcome to our Band Apparel Store!
Our store is run through HireLevel Promotions (HLP) and powered by American Solutions for Business (ASB). This new company provides direct sales of our spirt wear through an online store that can be delivered directly to buyers. We will also still have a few bulk orders (listed below) that will be delivered to the school for student pickup and will have no cost for shipping.


Bulk Order - Coming Soon
Opens: TBD
Due Date:
Delivery: Mid August
Notes: Will include jackets and show shirts

Orders placed outside of our bulk order times will be delivered directly and will add a small shipping fee. Feel free to pass this info out to friends and family to order Spirit Wear year round!!

HireLevel Promotions (HLP)
Our mission is to create jobs for urban youth ages 16-23 reducing economic poverty in the Franklinton area of Columbus. We invest in preparing young adults to become productive citizens with careers in the promotional products, warehousing, supply inventory, logistics, delivery and client management services. Our base of operations will begin in Franklinton and grow to service other local community hubs around Columbus. This community collaboration will include engaged members of the business community, schools and churches.

We will provide ongoing training for our youth in the following 9 leadership character ethics. Trustworthiness, Integrity, Honesty, Compassion, Forgiveness, Learning & Mentoring, Courage, Responsibility and Transformation.

WKHS purchases help to fund our mission. Thank you for buying with a purpose!